वाहनो पर देय कर

1. One Time Tax

(A) Non Transport

  • 2 wheelers
  • 3 wheelers
  • 4 wheelers with seating capacity up to 10 including driver.
  • 2 wheeled/3 wheeled vehicles adapted for use of invalids.
  • Agricultural tractor
  • Camper Van/ Trailer for private use.
  • Vehicles fitted with equipments like rig, generator or compressor, crane mounted vehicle, Fork Lift, Tow trucks, brea kdown van, recovery vehicles, Tower wagons, tree trimming vehicles or any other non-transport  vehicles not covered under any category.
  • Construction Equipment vehicle

(B)Transport Vehicle

2 Lumpsum Tax (LST)


  • 3 wheeled goods and passenger vehicles.
  • 4 wheeled vehicles with GVW upto 7500 kg
  • Motor cabs and maxi cabs.

(B) Optional

  • goods vehicles
  • other transport vehicles like dumper, loader etc.
  • 4 wheeled vehicles with GVW more than 7500 kg
  • privateservice vehicles.
  • Trailer used as goods vehicles.
  • Educational institutional buses.

3 Road Tax/ Special Road Tax

  • Stage carriage buses
  • Contract carriage buses
  • Private service vehicles.
  • goods vehicles.
  • vehicles  of  other states.