Cancel Of Registration

If a motor vehicle has been destroyed or has been rendered permanently incapable of use, the owner shall, within fourteen days or as soon as may be, report the fact to the registering authority within whose jurisdiction he has the residence or place of business where the vehicle is normally kept, as the case may be, and shall forward to that authority the certificate of registration of the vehicle.

If any person or say owner of any particular vehicle whose motor vehicle had been displayed or incapable of being used as motor vehicle informs the concerned authority about the condition of his motor vehicle and after this information the concerned authority make an inspection by an special authority appointed by the consent of State Govt.

and if that special authority proper inspection and investigation summits a report that an information of the owner the major vehicles incapable of being used or dangerous to be used in public place. On having such a report the concerned authority cancel the registration of that motor vehicle and reason is also recorded in writing in this regard.

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